Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Miley's Puppies Six Week Vet Check

We're happy to report that our trip to the vet on Monday was a great success! All four puppies received lots of love and attention from everyone at the Vet Office (a puppy appointment is always a fun part of their day!)  Puppies weights ranged from 11.2 lbs. to 13.5 lbs. and the puppies are all growing just fine with no health concerns. They received their first shots and will be ready to head to their new homes by this weekend!

As we've shared with some of the new families . . .we are currently feeding our puppies a puppy food called Kinetic by Hubbard Feeds. We will send families home with a small bag of this food so that you can mix it with whatever high-quality puppy food you choose to feed. We look forward to meeting the new families who will be providing forever homes for these wonderful puppies.

We're sure Ellie Boo, Emmy, Sunny and Hooyah will be excited to meet their new families!


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Full of Energy at Five Weeks Old!

It was a beautiful afternoon for some puppy playtime outside! Miley's puppies are now five weeks old and have moved to their new home in our barn. They enjoy all the space they have to run and play and are now weaned and eating puppy food (smush for just a little while and now dry puppy food.) The puppies will be heading to the vet in just one week at 6 weeks old for their well-check and first shots.

We hope you enjoy these fun photos of Hooyah, Sunny, Ellie Boo and Emmy!  We love all of them!

And some more fun photos of our family playing with puppies! Enjoy! 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Miley's Puppies 3 Weeks Old!

Momma Miley and her four puppies are all doing great. We spend lots of time holding these beautiful puppies and last night took them outside to play! They enjoyed exploring in the grass for awhile as we took lots of pictures! Their teeth are coming in and we'll soon start them on "smush" (although Miley is still making plenty of milk for these 4 puppies!)  We put collars on a few of them to help identify the one chocolate male (blue collar) and the chocolate females - one with pink collar, one with no collar (and a white spot).

We hope you enjoy the latest pictures of the puppies on our farm!