Saturday, February 6, 2016

Chevy's Puppies - Pictures from Week One

We've had a busy week with Chevy and her puppies.  We kept a very close eye on Chevy on Monday and Tuesday as she recovered from the anesthesia.  We needed to be sure she was fully aware of her puppies and willing to accept them . . . not always the case when dogs have a c-section.  Fortunately, Chevy's maternal instincts kicked right in and she's doing a phenomenal job with her new babies. She's also recovering nicely from surgery - eating and drinking plenty and incision is healing nicely.

While most of the puppies are growing bigger every day, we're sorry to share that we did lose one black male puppy this morning.  He was the smallest puppy in the litter and despite our best attempts to help supplement with puppy formula, and make sure he was warm . . . he didn't make it.

We hope you enjoy these puppy pictures from Week One.  Stay tuned for more great photos and videos as our puppies grow!

FYI . . .We still have five puppies available from this litter - 2 black males, 2 yellow males and 1 black female. Please give us a call if you're interested in reserving a puppy for your family!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Eleven New Puppies on the Farm - Chevy & Maverick's Litter

We're pleased to announce the birth of 11 new puppies on our farm! While the delivery was not quite as planned, we were pleased to come home from our vet yesterday with 11 healthy puppies and our Momma Dog Chevy (still a bit sleepy but doing just fine).

Chevy went into labor late Sunday evening and when labor was not progressing Monday morning we made a trip to our vet for an emergency c-section. Result of the successful surgery . . . six black puppies and five yellow puppies. After surgery Chevy was still very sleepy so late yesterday afternoon and throughout the night we supervised nursing pups every two hours.

Chevy is much more alert and has taken right to caring for her puppies today - thank goodness!

Puppy count looks like this:
Yellow Puppies:  4 Males, 1 Female
Black Puppies: 3 Males, 3 Females

We are still accepting deposits for puppies from Chevy's litter. If you are interested in a black or yellow male puppy just let us know!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday and today. Enjoy!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

We're Expecting Puppies in February!

Great News! It looks like we'll have a busy winter and spring on the farm with TWO litters of puppies due early in February!

Our first litter will be a Chevy/Maverick Litter expected around February 1st.  Chevy is our beautiful, black female. We will expect all 3 colors of puppies from this litter (but it's always a surprise!!) Here are a few pictures of Chevy . . .

And some puppies from Chevy & Maverick's last litter . . . .

Our second litter will be a Willow/Maverick Litter expected around February 11th. Willow is our lovely, yellow female and we will expect all 3 colors of puppies from her as well.  Here are a few pictures of our Willow . . . .

And some puppies from Willow & Maverick's last litter . . . .

And finally, some pictures of our favorite puppy daddy . . . Maverick.

About Our Puppies . . . .
Each of our Lab puppies are AKC registered. All of our puppies will have a complete health check by our vet as well as first shots and will be wormed four times. Our puppies are also well socialized - getting lots and love and attention on our family farm.

We ask $650 for a puppy, regardless of sex or color. If you would like to hold a puppy in your name we do require a $100 non-refundable deposit. The balance of $550 is due when you come to take your puppy home. 

We are now accepting deposits to hold placements for those wanting a puppy from one of our February litters. For information on placing a deposit please call/text Kim at 419.551.0871 or send an e-mail to

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Miley's Puppies Visit the Vet

Today was our day to visit the vet for our puppy appointment. While it's always a bit crazy, everyone at our vet office loves having a litter of lab puppies come to visit! The puppies love exploring the exam room as each puppy is examined by our vet. All 11 puppies received their health check and received their first shots. There were no health problems and the biggest puppy weighed in at 15 lbs. 9 oz. at 7 weeks old. Here are some pictures from our vet visit - enjoy! 

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Miley's Puppies Five Weeks Old

We had a great time taking Miley's puppies outside today for a fun photo shoot. Who would have thought we would have green grass in Ohio the week before Christmas! Although the sled and Christmas greens may have been more appropriate for a day in the snow . . . we enjoyed the sunshine and the puppies had fun running in the grass. We took LOTS of photos today and have posted many below and made a quick photo video to share the rest.

Thank you to all of the families who will be welcoming one of these adorable puppies into their home early in 2016. There's only one yellow male still available. We will be contacting families soon to start setting up dates/times for puppy pick-up in January.





And because there are so many great pictures from today . . . here's a fun video with LOTS of puppy photos.  Enjoy - we're sure it will make you happy!