Thursday, March 24, 2016

Willow's Puppies Visit the Vet

Yesterday afternoon Willow's seven puppies were loaded into laundry baskets for a trip to our vet. The puppies explored every inch of the exam room while waiting for their check-up.  Puppies ranged from 11.6 lbs. to 14.6 lbs. and there were no health concerns. They received their first shot with hardly a whimper heard from them - so brave!

We hope you enjoy these pictures from their trip to the vet!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Willow's Puppies - Happy Easter

Happy Easter from Willow's Puppies too!  These chubby puppies enjoyed playing outside this afternoon as well. They will be heading to the vet on Wednesday for their 6-week check-up and will be heading home the weekend of April 2nd.  Enjoy the puppy Easter pictures!!

Chevy's Puppies - Happy Easter!

It's hard to believe Chevy's puppies will be heading home late this week! A sunny, Sunday afternoon seemed like a perfect time to pull out some Easter baskets and bunny rabbits for a photo shoot with these cute puppies.  We look forward to meeting their new families later this week. Enjoy the spring puppy pictures!