Thursday, March 26, 2015

We're Expecting Puppies in April!

What an exciting day . . . a trip to our vet yesterday confirmed that we are expecting TWO litters of puppies in April! Willow's puppies are due on April 18th and Miley will be having her first litter on April 25th.  Maverick, our chocolate male, is the sire of both litters.

We are currently accepting deposits for puppies from Miley's litter. Our puppies are AKC registered, will have their first vet check, wormed, first shots and will be ready to go to new homes at 8 weeks old. Please call or e-mail if you are interested in a puppy from this litter ($100 deposit, balance of $500 due when you take your puppy home.)

Here are some photos of our beautiful females, our always-popular male and even some ultrasound pictures! Enjoy!









Monday, January 12, 2015

Update on Mya

In case you've been watching our blog for puppy news, we thought we should share what we found out at the vet last week. While we were quite certain Mya was pregnant, as she neared her due date she still wasn't as big as we expected her to be.  A visit to our vet last week confirmed she was not pregnant, probably due to the development of a tumor in her mammary gland. We will be scheduling Mya for surgery yet this spring to get spayed and have the tumor removed. We'll have no more Mya/Maverick puppies, but our vet is confident Mya has a good, long life ahead of her.

We'll keep you posted on how she does, and thanks again to all the families for understanding the situation.

In the meantime, stay tuned for news about our other dogs sometime this Spring. We have plans to breed our other 3 females: Willow (yellow), Miley (chocolate) and Chevy (black) sometime this spring. We're looking forward to having puppies on the farm late this spring/summer!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Willow's Puppies in their New Homes

Willow & Maverick's puppies are all settled in with their new families. It was so nice to meet everyone and introduce you to the puppies. We've heard back from many families and it sounds like the puppies are doing great (and are very smart!) Here are some pictures of puppies in their new homes. If you have a photo to share of a puppy from this litter just send it our way and we'll add it to this blog post. Enjoy!






Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Willow's Puppies Visit the Vet at Six Weeks

With 3 laundry baskets in the backseat of the truck we headed to our vet today with nine beautiful puppies! Each puppy received a thorough check-up and all are healthy! Their weights ranged from 10.4 lbs. to 13.6 lbs. (as we've said, they love to eat!) The puppies all received their first vaccine and soon fell asleep right there in the office. Our vet was pleased with the health and body condition of all the puppies. The puppies will be ready to head to new homes this weekend! Enjoy the pictures of their trip to the vet!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Five Weeks Old - We Love to Play!

At five weeks old our puppies are becoming quite playful. We'll often find them wrestling, playing and still sleeping and eating a lot! They are now completely weaned (although Willow does like to stop by to check in on them now and then!) They thoroughly enjoy their puppy food and they are growing like crazy! Our 6-week appointment with our vet is scheduled for next Wednesday, Nov. 19 - that's always a crazy trip! It won't be long and these adorable bundles of joy will be heading to their new homes! We've loved caring for them and look forward to meeting their new families soon.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

We're 4 Weeks Old!

At 4 weeks old our puppies are becoming a lot more playful.  Willow is still nursing her puppies a couple times each day and the puppies are eating lots of "smush" (puppy food softened with warm water).  They are starting to explore their pen, love to wrestle with each other and have started to chew on some of their puppy toys. Getting them to sit still for a 4-week picture was a bit tricky, but we were able to capture some great pictures of them all. Enjoy!

Black Female
Black Male

Chocolate Male

Yellow Female

Yellow Female

Yellow Female

Yellow Male
Yellow Male

Yellow Male