Saturday, May 16, 2015

Miley's Puppies - Three Weeks Old

At three 1/2 weeks old, Miley's puppies have outgrown their puppy box in our house.  They are now eating softened puppy food (and love it!) and had a busy evening as we moved them to a bigger pen outside.  As we moved them outside we also snapped a few photos - so cute!

NOTE: Two of the yellow males from this litter are still available. Please contact us at 419.551.0871 for more information.

Five Chocolate Females


One Chocolate Male

Three Yellow Males (Two still looking for their forever home!)


Thursday, May 14, 2015

Willow's Puppies - Four Weeks Old (almost!)

After returning home from an amazing high school baseball game tonight, we brought Willow's puppies outside for a fun photo shoot. Willow's puppies will be four weeks old tomorrow and we've started the weaning process.  They have really taken to puppy food and are spending a lot more time exploring and playing. 

My Canon camera stopped working just when these puppies were born and is apparently unrepairable, so sad!  So . . . I'm doing my best taking photos with my iPhone.  Seems to be OK, just not what I'm used to!!  Camera shopping soon, I hope.  Enjoy the photos! 

NOTE . . . for anyone looking for a puppy there are still 2 black males available from this litter!

Yellow Males (Brutus and Mojo)

Two Females (chocolate female Buckeye)

Four Black Males  (two still looking for their forever home!)

Monday, May 11, 2015

Hungry Little Puppies

Over the past few days we have introduced puppy food to both Willow and Miley's puppies and they are both enjoying it!  While their puppy teeth are starting to come in, we soak puppy food in warm water to make it easier for them to eat. All of the puppies are still nursing from their momma but it's time to start making the transition to puppy food.

With the warm, sunny weather we've taken all the puppies outside to soak in the sun. Our puppies have also had some visitors this weekend. It's always fun to let families meet our puppies. Just let us know if you'd like to plan a visit to see the puppies!

Enjoy their first meal pictures!




Thursday, May 7, 2015

Miley's Puppies TWO WEEKS old!


Things are getting a bit crazy here on the farm with spring planting, baseball, 4-H, FFA activities, planning for graduation and 17 puppies. It's hard to believe Miley's puppies are already 2 weeks old.  They all had their eyes open yesterday at 2 weeks old and are quite active little puppies . . . a few have even figured out how to get out of the puppy box and were wandering around on the hardwood floor (and crying quite a bit!)  The puppies were wormed for the first time yesterday and are continuing to do great.  We're so pleased with how Miley is doing as a first time Momma. 


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Willow's Puppies TWO WEEKS Old!

Willow's puppies were two weeks old on Friday and by Saturday morning everyone had their eyes open! We've had a busy weekend on the farm with spring planting, a trip to Columbus for our son's State FFA degree and senior prom . . . but finally had time this afternoon to take all 8 puppies outside for a bit of sunshine and some quick photos. 

Black Male Puppies

Yellow Female

Chocolate Female
Yellow Males

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Miley's Puppies One Week Old

Life is busy on our farm with 17 puppies and 6 adult dogs (as well as kids, cows, chickens and more!) Both of our momma dogs are doing a great job taking care of their puppies and we're taking extra good care of them with plenty of food and water.

Miley's puppies are one week old today and they are all doing great!  We're thrilled to see Miley doing such a great job with her first litter of puppies. She barely left them for the first few days and just now is starting to run and play outside for awhile (even played fetch for awhile today!)


Miley is our dog who loves to sleep on her back - even while she was pregnant (although it was a bit difficult near the end).  And here's how we found Miley a few days ago . . .completely exhausted and sleeping on her back as a few puppies nursed.  So funny!   We hope you enjoy the puppy pictures!


Friday, April 24, 2015

Willow's Puppies One Week Old

It's hard to believe Willow's puppies are one week old already (and they look so big now that Miley's puppies have arrived!) The puppies are all quite content and we love watching them sleep and snuggle together! We hope you enjoy their one-week photos!