Sunday, August 27, 2017

A Trip to the Vet - Miley & Cooper's Puppies

We took our puppies to the vet on Friday afternoon for their 6-week wellness check.  All puppies were given a thorough check-up by our vet, received their first shots and enjoyed lots of attention from everyone in the office.  Puppies were all healthy, normal weights and no concerns were noted. 

While the puppies always enjoy exploring the exam room and meeting new people, they are always quite exhausted by the end of the visit! We hope you enjoy the pictures from our vet visit! 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Miley & Cooper's Puppies - 4 Weeks Old

Summer is such a fun time to have puppies! We love taking them all outside and enjoy having the neighbors stop by to play (our puppies are definitely well socialized!) The puppies are enjoying their much larger space outside in our barn with plenty of room to sleep on the cool floor, play with toys and wrestle with their brothers and sisters!

We do still have one BLACK FEMALE and one CHOCOLATE MALE available from this litter. (not sure which chocolate male - puppy selection doesn't usually happen until  puppies are ready to go home).  Contact us today if you're interested in adding a puppy to your family this fall. Puppies will be ready to head to new homes the weekend of September 8.

Enjoy the pictures of our 4-week-old puppies!


Black Female

Yellow Female

Chocolate Female


Black Males

Chocolate Males

Yellow Male

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Miley & Cooper's Puppies Week 3 - Eating Puppy Food!

Miley & Cooper's puppies turned 3 weeks old yesterday and had their first taste of puppy food.  At this young age we soften their food with warm water to make "smush". As you'll see from the pictures their first meal is always kind of messy. They really get into their food (literally!) and I was busy mopping the hard wood floor once they were all done.

Now that puppies have their eyes open and are walking around we were happy to welcome some of the families to our home to meet the puppies. (if you'd like to visit just let us know!)

We still have 3 puppies available from this litter . . . one chocolate male, one chocolate female and one black male.  If you're interested in adding a lab puppy to your family just let us know!

Now, enjoy a fun video of our 3 week old puppies and lots of pictures of their first taste of puppy food!

Pictures from Week 3 - First Taste of Puppy Food

Monday, July 31, 2017

Miley & Cooper's Puppies Two Weeks Old

Over the weekend Miley and Cooper's puppies opened their eyes and started walking around - always amazing! They are two weeks old today and all 8 puppies are doing great.  We only have two puppies available from this litter - one chocolate male and one chocolate female. Let us know if you're interested in adding a special puppy to your family early this fall! Now, enjoy a few short video clips from puppies this weekend!

Hungry little puppies!

Video from Friday afternoon - eyes still closed

Video from Sunday afternoon - eyes open and walking around!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

CiCi & Jack's Puppies - Seven Weeks Old!

CiCi & Jack's puppies have had a busy week. Puppies were at the vet on Monday for their check-up and shots and weighed in from 11.1 to 13.6 lbs.! They are eating hard puppy food now and will be ready to head to their new homes by late next week.  Evenings on the farm are a great time for puppy play time in the yard. We hope you enjoy some of the pictures we captured tonight while playing with these adorable puppies. Enjoy!